Welcome to The Crying Nature

Do you care about nature and all the living things that live in it?

Does the state of our planet’s climate and ecosystem worry you?

The truth is, I don’t know anything about you. But for me, I am definitely concerned with what’s going on around the planet. After all, there’s only one Earth and our survival depends on it being healthy. We have to make the effort to protect it and save whatever we can by deploying our technology, smarts and empathy for future generations.

Now, this isn’t my first blog. I do have a personal blog¬†where I share my life lessons, review things that I bought, write fictions, and put up general ramblings about things in life.

But I felt that it wasn’t good enough. The blog isn’t focused enough and I want to grow more as a writer. I started to think about the things I do care about. Only then could I figure out what I can write about.

Then came the news of the amazonian fires. It was deeply saddening that it had happened, which destroyed hectares after hectares of forest. Admittedly, this incident contributed in part to my depression and I felt like I wasn’t doing anything worthwhile related to environmental causes. Thus, I decided to start this blog which shall focus entirely on wildlife, environmental and climate topics.

Do come back and check out this blog from time to time for new contents.