A musing on Human Nature


Yes, they are smart. They have the brain power to perform feats of engineerings that no other animals are capable of. They manipulate their environment with their tools to sculpt, shape and move the lands to solve their own perceived problems.

And that’s why throughout time, they have always been a thorn on Mother Nature’s side.

They deploy their brain power only to serve their own needs at the expense of the rest of the animal kingdom. They have destroyed habitats, hunted and consumed their fellow animals till extinction and built their ugly, artificial monstrosities they call home on lands that don’t belong to them. They have released toxic chemical compounds into the oceans and the atmosphere, and caused the planet to warm with greenhouse gases. They also exploited natural resources and leave behind scars on the surface of our planet.

Maybe…just maybe… they do all these things not because they have to. Maybe they do all these things so that the other species don’t survive to ensure they remain the dominant ones. And when all the other animals die out and the Earth is unrecognisable, they will turn on each other and probably enjoy it. Maybe all humans are born psychopaths, lacking the love for the living and the appreciation for what nature has given them.

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